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She Knows presents "Hechizo" (Bar 25 Music)

The electronic band She Knows releases its album "Nervous Bliss" on May 17, under the Berlin label Bar 25 Music. A work where he consolidates his sound, but also takes it to another level, exploring the emotions that make us more vulnerable.

While we wait for the release of the album, his single "Hechizo" will be released this March 22, where we can glimpse the direction he will take on the full album. The powerful and attractive freshness of its sound synergizes perfectly with the depth and emotionality of its lyrics. A proposal as experimental as it is effervescent. More than an album, it is a dream journey that manages to touch the deepest. The emotional qualities of the single cut across universal themes, creating such a sweet and recognizable experience for an open audience, eager to be immersed in this bewitching experience.

The result is a work that gives elegance to sophistication, inviting you to enjoy it in the middle of the night. We are, without a doubt, facing a surprising and excellent work, dazzling and exportable; created from talent, meticulousness and sound coherence.

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