NEWS: Andy Morello presents TAPES [51Beats]

The TAPES are those relics, relics of a future past, buried under ash and rubble, now resurfacing and rebuilding. The TAPES return the sound of an era and its decline, letting out a secret desire for change and a deep search for oneself. They tell, through sound, about the human soul and its fragility. They narrate dreams, visions and desires even though they are recorded in (today) almost obsolete media. TAPES is a compilation of songs created during one-take sessions performed with a modular synthesis system, a reverb pedal, and originally recorded on magnetic tape through a 1984 Tascam Porta One tape recorder. TAPES is a decadent and visionary EP. futuristic, mystical and science fiction, capable of transporting the listener to a distant world.

The result is a work by Andy Morello that is as experimental as it is intense and addictive, in which he seizes oneself like a sweet poison, while transporting us progressively, as few producers with any degree of fluency are willing to do. We don't know what the future holds, but we do know that this album is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present, which will remain in our memories forever. Because of records like this, we can keep fighting for a better future.

In addition, this work maintains a narrative line that shows that his compositions are not nihilistic, but are part of a process that, thanks to the mastery of its creators, is easy to enter. We could almost say that that punk attitude that runs through each song no longer belongs to young people, since maturity can also be their golden age. For this reason, the best thing about this work is not so much what it contains, but what it promises: taking the necessary balance, it is known that what has to come from Andy Morello in the future will be even better.