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The Last Future welcomes DocTrashz to the site for today’s interview. Lets find out a little bit more about him as an artist and as a person.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

When I was very young I followed the hip hop world and my first approach to electronic music was with drum & bass. The thing that attracted me mainly were the sounds of the basslines, the way in which various types of oscillations were mixed captured me and then slowly made me discover the whole electronic music, a wonderful world that will never stop evolving, simply because the compositional potential is unlimited.

Do you remember any album or concert that has changed everything?

As an album, the ones that changed my vision of music and influenced me the most were Surrender and Dig your own hole by the Chemical Brothers, their live sets are also fantastic, but a live set that particularly impressed me and that year I saw a couple of times around Europe it was the tour of Nite versions live by Soulwax, they are another name that has strongly influenced me over the years.

Since you got into this professionally, what helped you the most to grow as an artist?

When I started in club music productions there was a lot of excitement in the fidget house, especially many Italian names were at the top, I was and am part of the Italian underground electronic scene, but certainly at that time there was a lot of focus on us and this helped me to have contacts with different labels and artists around the world. Further help came from the victory of the two dj contests I did (Redbull 3Style 2018, IDA Show Category 2006).

How is the music scene in your city?

I live in a very small town, there isn't much to say about the music scene actually.

What are your favorite places to hang out in the city?

If you ever find yourself in here Caltanissetta for some mysterious reason, I highly recommend you to visit Eclettica a place where art, sport and good music are enclosed, another one is the Punto g bar in their cocktail list you'll also find the Doc Trashz Kamikaze that you absolutely must try, and also the Spazio Pitta where you can relax and take a tour of different works of art by different artists.

Have you had time to focus on making music, spending time with your family, or planning future projects during this past year(s) of lockdowns?

Contrary to what you might think, during the lockdown I didn't do much music, I took the opportunity to graduate from the conservatory, I also took the opportunity to spend more time with my mother. Overall it wasn't a bad experience, I also learned how to make a great pizza.

What do you want to convey in this work? What is the concept behind it?

My album, being a collection of tracks created in the last 10 years, is summed up as a journey through my time, in fact Time is the title of the work. Given the great difference in ideas and periods of creation of the tracks, my goal is to have a job that does not refer to modern trends, but not even past, and wants to be more timeless.

As for your studio, what is your setup currently made of?

Over the years I have tried to lighten my studio by keeping only what I mainly use. As a main machine I still use an iMac from 2015, I also have an m1 pro but still the compatibility as we know is not complete and therefore I prefer to continue working with the old one. Since 2006 my Genelec monitors have churned out billions of mixes and will continue to do so as long as they hold up. As a sound card I have a beautiful Apollo twin duo, and another key element for me is the Virus TI, which is very useful for sound design. And after that I have little else like machines, now almost the bulk of the work can be done with good plugins.

What's the one bit of kit you'll never get rid of, no matter what?

The good old Virus TI, over the years I pulled out some pretty good basslines and arpeggios, for many years I have owned the keyboard version, maybe in the future I will replace it with the rack.

What would you say is the definition of your sound?

It's always been difficult to describe what my sound is, it's definitely a mix of different influences, clearly it's electronic music but you can find elements of punk, hiphop, techno, indie dance. I do what I like to listen to.

What was the last record store you visited and what did you get out there?

I have to say that with digital I don't go to record stores more often, I know it's not good. The last time was several months ago. I was in bologna with friends and they took me to this shop called Disco D'oro. I really liked the DFA Records section that I went through well to recover something.

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